What does Een Wens voor je Medemens mean?

Een Wens voor je Medemens means directly translated: A Wish for your fellow human

What do we do & what is our vision?

We work hard with a small but dedicated team without private profit interests to make the world a bit better. Our Vision is that by helping eachother we can make a positive difference for many people in many lifes.

How do we make that happen?

We ask companies to participate at Een Wens voor je Medemens/A Wish for your fellow human by making a donation. From that donation we realise and fulfill wishes! Wishes that we recieve from people on our site. To thank the companies who make it possible for us to realise wishes we create and give them maximum positive exposure for their company. This way we create a win win situation in the most positive possible way!

There are so many people and so many different wishes.
Let's help eachother and realise them!


Simply because together WE CAN!

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